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Now Health International is a leading provider of international medical insurance services to an international network of customers.

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the need for a comprehensive insurance plan which is why Now Health International is at the forefront of providing services to clients that will help them make informed decisions concerning their health insurance policies.

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong but we are an international company with other service centers and location in several major cities in Asia, Europe, and America. We have digital tools that you can use on our website to quickly get a quote for the insurance plan you have in mind. Expats, international students, and even owners of SMEs will surely find the information on international health insurance to be of great help.

Products & Services
Use our digital tools to get a quote and visualize your ideal insurance plan. Now Health International also make the search for the best insurance policy faster and more efficient by its wide network of choices and options that you can choose from.

Questions about our products and services? You can also leave us your messages by visiting our Contact page on our website.


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